Welcome to Breton House

Our Programs

Residential Services:

  • 12 Step Study
  • Individual Counselling
  • Women's Issues Groups
  • Grief Group
  • Leisure Skills
  • Meditation
  • Life Skills
  • Group Counselling
  • House Meetings
  • Health Education
  • Recreation
  • Anger Management
  • Art Therapy

Community Based Services:

Admission to our community based counselling service (out-patient) is limited and available to local women only. It consists of the following:

  • Alumni Support
  • Special Groups
  • Out-patient Counselling
  • Assessments

*A New Link is a harm reduction program for pregnant and parenting women. These women have been identified as having problems with alcohol and/or other substances. The primary objective is to provide support, education and counselling to the women in the hope that they will reduce or discontinue the problem drinking and/or using which is having a negative impact on them and their family. Those interested in making referrals to this program may contact the A New Link at (705)946-0920

All client information is confidential and the flow of information to idividuals or other services is carefully guarded by Privacy Policies and the use of Releases of Information.

At the time of admission, each resident is informed that Breton House is a safe place in which to work through recovery issues. To this end, violence, threatening others and street ethics will result in discharge, as will the use of alcohol and mood altering chemicals.

Random room searches will take place from time to time to ensure that safety is maintained.

Night time emergency protocols are reviewed at weekly house meetings with residents.