Welcome to Breton House

Client Information

  1. Breton House is staffed from 9am to midnight. There is no staff on duty from midnight until 9 am.
  2. We request that new admissions from out-of-town attend at the Detox Center to be assessed. They must obtain their own transportation to the Detox. Once they are cleared by the Detox, they will be transported to Breton House. If clients arrive after 6:00 p.m., they will be held at the Detox until the next day.
  3. Breton House is not a treatment program and therefore OHIP does not pay for the client's stay. A Financial Needs Assessment will be completed at the time of admission. Clients are assessed on an individual basis and may be asked to pay up to $15.00 per day room and board. Clients are asked to bring the following: bank account receipts, rent receipts, and/or cheque stubs as proof of income.
  4. Clients are asked not to bring anything that could be construed as a weapon. Belongings will be searched at time of admission.
  5. All approved medication must be in original containers marked with the client's name, the medication, and dosage. In addition, only Multi vitamins, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B are acceptable. All other vitamins and herbal preparations must be under the supervision of a physician.
  6. We have limited space for personal belongings so please pack accordingly.
  7. Breton House is a Non-Smoking Facility.
  8. You will be assigned a counselor when you arrive. You are expected to work with her to identify issues and develop a recovery plan.
  9. New admissions will be placed on the buddy system for 2 weeks to help them adjust to the environment.
  10. Initially, you will be asked to limit contact with family and friends to once on weekends. This allows you to focus on settling in and to connect with peers and staff.
  11. Bring your Health Card and an alarm clock.
  12. It is recommended that you bring a swim suit and other loose fitting clothing to participate in recreational activities.
  13. Do not bring: a personal vehicle, laptop, cell phone, or any other electronics. You are allowed to bring a small personal radio for your room.
  14. All statistical information goes into a provincial database anonymously.
  15. Clients may file an appeal if they are not accepted for admission or are discharged prematurely. Ask staff for details of the procedure.